Thursday, April 9, 2009

Been a bad night

We went to Wal-Mart tonight and I cried the whole 26 minutes home. I was telling my hubby about Jeremy Camp's new song "There will be a day" and it started playing followed by a song talking about being homesick for heaven, followed by another song that made me think about my unborn child indepth. I guess it's good because it's the first time I've cried since I first started bleeding. Now that I'm back in Bama I can cry and get everything out because it's just me and Remy most of the day and he knows Mama's crazy. ;) Now I'm ready to move one final time and I never want to live in a trailer again. All of my worst memories involve living in a trailer. *sigh* I know eventually I'll be okay again, but right now really sucks!

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