Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tired of talking about it already

So far I have talked to my mom, my inlaws, three friends, and one message board about the baby I lost and I still have one more person to talk to - my pastor's wife. I really don't want to talk about it anymore with people other than my husband, but I don't feel like I get that choice. I'm glad I told people because now they're all praying for us, but in a way I wish I wouldn't have. Next time I know to be more discreet, but I never thought this would happen. Last night I thought, "Maybe I shouldn't have asked people not to call", but today I'm hurting so bad, and I know I'd get sick and tired of hearing "Redneck Woman" (my ringtone) real quick because of all the well meaning phone calls. *sigh* Tomorrow's going to suck, too, I have church and choir practice to prepare for the Easter Cantata. I already promised to be there, but really I would almost rather die than hear, "how are you?" or "how's the baby?" I don't know what to tell people, especially after I made it their business, but I was so excited I couldn't hold it in. 

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