Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well, I was online last night looking for land in TN and next thing I know I find 200 +/- acres in Maine! It's not something I've ever considered, I mean come on, it's where Stephen King's from. How normal could people there be? So I called my friend from MA and talked to her about it and she said if she loved it there, so now I'm thinking it may be worth looking into.

This whole time I'm thinking, "There's no way my VERY Southern hubby would be remotely interested in moving all they way up there." He surprised me, however when he said he would move anywhere for that much land if he could afford it. Well, it is about $300 more than we were planning to spend, so I'm thinking of finding a few friends who are interested in going in on it together. If it doesn't work out there's always 26 acres beckoning us in TN, but it wasn't much cheaper than the 200 acres. Ah, dilemmas, dilemmas.


  1. As a Vermonter who just moved South beware that the cost of living up north is A LOT higher than here, in so many ways!!!!! Heating costs can be outrageous and much shorter growing seasons and animals need more care and, and, and ... really research it before you go!

  2. I talked to my friend from MA, ME got cut off the list - we're not used to that kind of cold. I thought VA and WV were cold, but not like that! Brr!